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These are the vast majority of non scheds but you will find possibly some extra likewise. Some scheduled carriers not detailed are:

I flew for Northeast Airways, whose nickname was the “Yellowbird”!!! We veven served a Yelowbird cocktail…..quie delicious. Wonderful little regional provider that also did charters. We cooked steaks onboard for long haul solutions and at 1 stage served hamburgers on our LGA / BOS flights.

I used to be happy to discover a commenter on right here via the title of Bob Hardisty, a Captain with CO. I had been with CO for 23 decades……cherished each moment of it. CO had a system through which a member of administration was on board the A/C.

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You now This is certainly destined to are unsuccessful in the event the measurement is just Sensitive-feely and never about surviving in real daily life. They seem to be tests if they might shell out folks to be content. Excellent grief.

I however have an Allegheny Airways sweatshirt! I bear in mind back again from the ’70’s All people kiddingly referred to it as Agony Airways. Many thanks to the Recollections. I had neglected about lots of of those airlines.

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After you talked about that Western was called the Champagne Airline, what genuinely caught Absolutely everyone’s attentions have been our adds that experienced the “Wally Chicken” sitting down to the tail stating, “Western Airlines, The only real Way To Fly” (and he, the chook, could be sipping a glass of champagne or smoking cigarettes a cigar) and of course amongst our destinations would flash throughout the display.

Wow, Forgot the amount of airlines there have been. I flew with Nationwide, then Pan Am until it’s demise. Good traveling throughout that point. Delivers an terrible lots of superb Reminiscences of some very good ole times. Let’s all go back. My Stewardess uniform remains ready.

I seek advice from this takeover as done via the Mormon Mafia..NWA had a awful relationship with their staff members and relied over the mutual support pact to stay afloat what with all their challenge with strikes. I do think I’d welcome back again the CAB!

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